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Nike HyperRev 2015

Nike HyperRev 2015 Performance Review:



<< CUSHIONING >> 9 / 10

You will find there is a zoom unit at the heel and a rectangular zoom unit at the forefoot area. Though, it is not a full length zoom, I found the arrangement on these are very comfortable to play in with, heel to toe transition is smooth and I do feel the zoom unit at the forefoot. And the setup of the cushion does provide you a very good court feel as your feet don't sit low to the ground. My feet feel lots of impact protections throughout playing, whether it is landing, running, turning or stopping.


<< TRACTION >> 8.5 / 10

Great traction, stop on the dime and doesn't hurt your feet! With an overall traditional herringbone traction pattern and the channels are wide, the rubber material does not attract much dust, you simply cannot go wrong with this. I have tried this on clear court and mildly dusty court, in both environments, the shoe performs the same; able to stop on the dime. Haven't try playing these outdoor but I doubt it will perform any different than in door. The only concern I might have, is the little piece rubber that sticks out near the outrigger, it is made out of a much softer rubber compound than the rest of the out-sole, that little piece right there, may burn out quickly wearing outdoor.


<< FIT & SUPPORT >> 8.5 / 10

The one booty design with the flyer-wire lancing system, provides excellent lock down and wraps to your feet nicely with great comfort. But want to add a small note from my own experience, I found that it is very easy to over tighten the laces on the first eye-lit near the toe area, which letting the lace cutting into my feet while running. Go easy on the first loop, in my opinion.

The achilles heel pad at the back of the shoe is implemented perfectly. It provides the protections, supporting the back side of my feet and preventing any heel slippage without hurting my achilles heel.


<< MATERIALS >> 8 / 10

The upper and front part of the shoe is made out of synthetic mesh wrapping over a nylon interior, with fuse overlay near on top of the toe area for scratch resistance. Near the back is a neoprene boot wraps around by rubberized heel counter.

The choice of materials contributes to the comfort and support of the shoe. The neoprene material on the boot allows the shoe to provide a very snug fit and support around the ankle. While the mesh and nylon materials at the front, allow agile movements without much of a break in time on this shoe. The combination of the materials almost made me forgot about wearing anything on my feet while playing, that is how comfortable this pair feel to me.


<< DURABILITY >> 8 / 10

The mesh material on the upper is made out of a thin screen of vinyl, it seems to be quite sturdy. It may not hold up to scratch marks but I am sure it wouldn't tear apart easily. And the neoprene material on the booty is definitely going to last and continue to provides it's elasticity for entire life cycle of the shoe.

My only concern is the flyer-wires are actually rubbing against the plastic eye-lit; overtime, it may cause the flyer-wire to snap.

In my own experience, after playing about 20 games in these, the flyer-wire on the first two eye-lits started to show sign of the tearing. But from the look of it will hold until the life time of the shoe runs out.


<< AESTHETICS >> 8.5 / 10

I really like the look of the shoe, from a design aspect, it has form and function. Sometimes, from a design aspect, it is hard to find on a shoe that its form is also serving a function, but you do find on this shoe (For example, many shoes out there that put a strap as part of the design but does not provide any additional support whatsoever, hence, not serving a purpose to be there, except for aesthetics).

The best part about the look of this shoe that I like the way how the flyerwires coming out of those lace-lits, like some sort ligaments coming out from the inside of the shoe, strapping your feet down. And the tongue is make out of this mesh pattern which blends in the overall mesh vinyl upper of the shoe, which gives you this one unify look.


<< VENTILATION >> 9 / 10

One of the best shoe I have experienced in playing. Primarily the mesh design of the upper allows lots of air circulations to happen and entire shoes aren't made with thick and dense material to begin with anyway.





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